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Latest News

Ear Syringing- UPDATE

Following discussions with the Insurance company who cover our nursing staff we are now in a position where we can now restart offering Ear Syringing to our Patients. Thank you for your understanding during the time it has taken to get this sorted.

Please continue to follow the instructions for self help below and make an appointment with the Practice nurse if there is no improvement.

Current guidelines are that ear drops should be used to soften the wax which will then enable the natural movement of the wax from the ear. Further information and treatment options are available in a leaflet available from Reception or Ear Wax self help


Weekend / Bank Holiday routine appointments are provided by ChoC (Cumbria Health on Call) at the ChoC Centre, West Cumberland Hospital (within A&E).  If you require one of these appointments, please ask the reception to book it for you.

Use the MyGP app to order your medication 

The MyGP app has recently been upgraded with many new functions so you can order medication now as well as receive messages, send us non-urgent queries, book and cancel appointment, update your organ donor status and access the national e-referral booking system.  We recommend it also to any patients who have been using Patient Access to order meds and future upgrades will include a medical record viewer too.  If you have your NHS online credentials, (thats the Account and linkage key we gave you when you first registered for only services ) its easy to switch over.

The help screens are very simple to follow, please do give it a try.  One change however is that it only notes the site of the appointment and NOT if this is a Telephone Call.  Please make sure that if you select a Telephone call, you remember this and don't come into the surgery for a consultation.  We have had a few people come in for an appointment in error.  We have passed this problem onto the development team.  

How to find your NHS Online Credentials

These Account and Linkage keys are your unique nhs online credentials and you will need these codes to register for any online services.

New Patient facebook group- members only

Welcome to our new ‘member only’ Facebook group for Patients.  As many of you will know, Dr Illsley has been sharing surgery information with you for over 20 years through WellWellWell and we still print 100s of copies each month.  

This group is for asking questions (us and you), sharing news and views, making suggestions about improvements and seeking opinion about them and generally chatting with you about anything related to Seascale Health Centre and Bootle Surgery. 

We may post some of the questions anonymously from the group to our open public page for wider sharing in the community. 

Help us to make this the safe place where no question is a silly question and we will try and respond within working hours and 2 days, hopefully sooner.  We wont reply when we are closed. We’ve no idea how much work this will involve so we may have to just give it a go and see what happens.  We’d also like you as our patients to be moderators so please let us know if you are willing to help.

 Although is a closed group for registered patients only, please do not post anything personally related to you, your family or your neighbour’s direct care and keep things of a general nature.

Vacancies in the Surgery

We are recruiting again and are seeking GPs or Nurse Practitioners, if you are interested you will find more information in our advert for GPs and Nurse Practitioners

Get online - Three things you can do to help

Some of you already know the benefits, others haven’t realised them yet – that’s means both to us as health care providers and to you our patients.


Mobile Tel numbers - update yours please


Currently 58% of our patients have a mobile number registered.  We are aiming to increase this to 75%.   Benefits – we can text you directly.  This can be either as appointment reminders, clinic recalls, medication reviews and some of our clinicians are sending direct messages to patients.  The Iplato messaging system provides a huge time saving for everyone and our patients love it (although I'm not sure one patient was happy with a text late at night).  We send out an average of 300 automated appointment messages each week and another 200+ manual messages. 


Online appointment booking, medication requests and viewing of medical records. 


We now have over 200 patients with full access to their records.


We currently have 1315 patients with Live access (meaning that they can order meds, appts, message and see Immunisations and allergies), but the 200+ with full detailed access can view their consultations details, see their letters to and from hospital and see their test results. 




 MenACWY vaccination -

MenACWY vaccine should be given to all eligible individuals who have not received this vaccine regardless of their MenC vaccination history. This is also a good opportunity to check MMR status and vaccinate where needed. You can see your immunisation status on your patient records if you are registered for Patient Access. For more information, Patient Online services

New Service - Persistent Physical Symptoms service 

A new service for people with Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Medically Unexplained Symptoms is available with a wide range of clinical professionals to help you manage your long term symptoms. These include Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Psychologists, CBT Therapists, Rehabilitation Assistants and a Pain Medication Consultant. Working with the service will give you access to tools to support the management of your symptoms, and help you understand how and why your symptoms affect you. You will learn how you can improve the quality of your day-to-day life.  For more details check out the PPSS website

Raising concerns - practice complaints process

Complaints leaflet            Complaints procedure

Whilst we know that we don’t always get it right, we do want to know about this. We understand that there are times when you are not well or are worried and may not be yourself. Our staff try their best to help and usually deal with any concerns informally but if you wish to raise a concern more formally, please ask to speak with our Practice Manager.  As a learning organisation we will all benefit from knowing when things have gone wrong and often share (anonymously) events within the practice to avoid things happening again, so please do contact us if you have any concerns.  If you prefer, you can make any suggestions or join the Patient Group, just let us know.  Unfortunately, the practice is unable to respond to individual comments on Social Media but we would be happy to assist patients if they contact the practice directly and we welcome feedback about our services.

We very much enjoy the support from the patients we have at Seascale and Bootle and wish to continue providing you with the best care we can. Thank you to all of you who send in tokens and messages of appreciation – it helps us immensely and gives us a boost.

Temporary patients

If you are a campsite, hotel, B&B or guest house owner who has visitors staying with you, we would advise visitors to contact NHS 111 in the first instance for advice if you need medical help.  If a Doctor is required, they will guide your visitor to the nearest suitable service and give an estimated time that your visitor should be seen.  We can treat minor injuries; superficial cuts, burns, sprains & strains of joints & muscles, but we cant x-ray so if you think it’s a fracture, A&E are best.  We will however, still treat immediately necessary Medical conditions but please don’t walk in – telephone first and then we can advise.  You may wish to download this poster  NHS 111 advice for visitors to Cumbria for your information areas.

New Help guide - How to get the best from the Surgery Oct 2017

Together with members of our Patient Group and with financial support from the Seascale and Bootle Health Practices Charity Fund, weve created a new guide for our existing patients to explain why things have changed and to help you to get the best from our services.  This is the updated Edition, Oct 2017 and we'd like your views about information to include in the next edition.  Have a good think and tell us which questions you want the answers to.  Suggestions already made for the next edition: change the photos each time to reflect our local landscape; add in which Drs have specialist areas of interest, i.e. dermatology, minor surgery, drug & alcohol; where should local visitors who aren't registered with us go for minor illness?; what does the Patient Access medical record look like before I register for it? 

CQC Inspection - Thu 28th July 2016 ** - Report arrived at last!

Thank you to everyone who completed feedback forms in the surgery or took the time to complete the online feedback form.  The Inspector commented that he hadnt ever received so much feedback online before and was intially alarmed as his email system pinged with the message 'concern about Seascale Health Centre'.  I dont think they usually get positive feedback through that route so he was pleasantly surprised when he opened the majority of the messages.  Now we await the report which has to go through all kinds of quality checking so we expect it around the end of Sept time and will let you know as soon as we know.

Friends & Family survey

Thank you to the patients who kindly took the time to complete our friends and family test  You can also rate your experience after your appointment in the surgery, there are simple forms at Reception.  It's a simple score of 1-5 but there is space to leave comments if you would like to, click here Friends and Family test

See here

Accessing your detailed Medical Record - 

Please do try this system - those that use it think its great.

Would you like to check your consultation record to be sure you understand?

Would you like to read your consultant info to make sure you understand, what happens next and what you should do?

Would you like to see a list of your significant events with info to help you tell your story 100 times?

Would you like to check your blood test results so you can monitor without repeatedly ringing the practice & share to avoid repeating tests?

These are all good reasons to have access to your records online and we are increasing the numbers of patients who not only order repeat medication and book appointments online but wish to have full access to their records.  Please contact us for more information if you are interested and we will help you with this.  More information can be found at Patient Online

Information and Communication needs - tell us how we can improve

All organisations that provide NHS or adult social care are required to follow the new standard and to help, we must do five things:

  • Ask people if they have any information or communication needs, and find out how to meet their needs. Record those needs clearly and in a set way.

  • Highlight or ‘flag’ the person’s file or notes so it is clear that they have information or communication needs and how those needs should be met.

  • Share information about people’s information and communication needs with other providers of NHS and adult social care, when they have consent or permission to do so.

  • Take steps to ensure that people receive information which they can access and understand, and receive communication support if they need it.


This is to let you know that all patients have been assigned a named GP who is responsible for their OVERALL care at the Practice. At the moment, this is your usual GP and it normally noted on any correspondence from us. However, this does not stop patients from seeing any of our other regular doctors if your Usual GP is not in.  If you are still unsure who this is, ask the next time you are in and we can change this for you if necessary


All GP practices are required to declare the mean earnings (e.g. average pay) for GPs working to deliver NHS services to patients at each practice.  See here for details of the last financial year

Vacancies in the surgery

Please click here to see latest vacancies.

When should I worry - your guide to the coughs and colds season

This is a Useful guide to check through before contacting us if your or your family have coughs colds earache or sort throats. 


Self Care and Sympton Checker - have you looked here first?

Many minor illnesses will sort themselves out after a little while and there is a wealth of information available on our Self Help information pages.  There is also a wonderful Symptom checker to help you decide what may be wrong and if you need to see a GP or not.  Why not try them first to get more information about whats wrong and come ready to have a discussion about how to get better.

Shared Decision Making and Decision aids

Our patients tell us that they value being partners with Doctors and Nurses when in comes to making decisions about their health.  Sometimes not everything can be completely sorted by our team in the practice and you may need to be referred onto specialists for futher advice.  We think its important for you to understand what the options are and you will make the best choice if you are informed. Check our Shared decision making pages for more information

Repeat Prescription ordering - please dont run out of medication

We're sure most of you arrange your repeat prescriptions with plenty of time to spare.  You can order up to two weeks in advance and we recommend setting yourself a reminder to do this, on your calendar, on your 'phone or in your diary.  We urge you to try and use our online ordering system to order your medication.  We have over 3000 patients now registered.  Once you are registered, its easy to place your order then check if it has been received.  If you currently order repeat prescriptions over the telephone or at the Dispensary hatch and would like to use the internet to do this - we will be glad to help you get started.  If you would like a quick preview of Patient Access for online services, click here.  Some patients have expressed concern over the security of the system and have asked for further information.  EMIS have provided the following reply to reassure you with this concern.  security statement from EMIS

Future practice closure dates for training -

The practice is closed for essential training one afternoon each month.  The surgery telephone is switched over to Cumbria Health on Call for the afternoon and evening.  Please follow this link for the remaining dates this year.

Automated Arrivals screen  - Feel free to use it whenever you arrive  over 2000 patients have used it so far

At last, we can offer you the choice to self check-in or wait for a receptionist. Since its arrival over 2000 patients have used this to check themselves in.  Thank you for having a go.  Bootle patients especially, find it better than standing in the queue.  If there are a few people at the reception desk, or our receptionists are busy taking calls, please do feel free to check yourself in.  If there are any problems, our receptionists will be more than happy to help you so don’t worry – you can’t get it wrong!

And just in case you are concerned……… is not intended to replace our wonderful, knowledgeable receptionists, its here to help them as well as you.  Please don’t feel that you will be taking away part of their job – this is just another way of helping them to have the time to support patients who may have complicated appointment enquiries or those who are using the telephone to get through to the surgery. Seriously, they are not offended if you choose the Self check in rather than waiting for them at the desk.

It is also intended to allow a degree of privacy to those patients at the reception desk, so they can deal with our receptionists comfortably without feeling the pressure of a queue forming behind them.

Twitter account 


Follow us on Twitter @SeascaleHC  if you want to see latest information from the Health Economy, our Partners in Cumbria and general health and wellbeing advice and guidance.

Facebook account -  follow us at Seascale and Bootle Surgeries

We set up an account so we can post quick messages as well as to share health information with you. Why not follow us if you prefer Facebook to Twitter. 


We are still awaiting confirmation of the start date for this programme - we will update you as soon as we are able to.  Information about you helps the NHS to provide better care.  It is important that the NHS use this information to plan and improve services for patients.  Please see here for more information

Physiotherapy waiting times

Although we usually have two Physiotherapists on site, during the holiday period, they are not covered by the local hospital that employs them.  To avoid a long waiting list build up, Physios have recommended that patients watch the attached Taking control of your Back Pain video for things that may help whilst you wait.


Prescription charges are increasing from 1st April 2019 to £9.00 per item

Got a minor injury? - you don't have to go to A & E, come here instead

If you have a minor injury, and you don't want to have to wait in A & E, please ring the surgery first to check if we can help and we will "squeeze" you in where we can!  Please dont just Walk in as we may not have a GP or a nurse on the premises.  ALWAYS ring first to get advice because we cant help you in every case. All suspected fractures still need to go the hospital, as we don't have x-ray facilities here yet. Ring reception for more details.

New self help group for people affected by depression

The group will meet on the third Tue each month at 7.30pm, Bradbury House Daycentre.  If you would like to find out more, please contact Sheila on 019467 25251, email or Joan on 019467 25475.

Sexual Health Service change of Telephone number

The Cumbria Sexual Healthine have changed their number to 0845 371 4037.  If you are concerned about your sexual health, please ask to make an appointment with Dr Illsley at the surgery, as our specially trained GP in this service.

Urgent - Local drivers needed for the Voluntary Car scheme, especially in the Gosforth, Seascale & Bootle area

If you would like further information, please contact Anne Williams on Gosforth 019467 25518

or the Muncaster Microbus, 01229 717229



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